About LemonDrop

We are an enthusiastic horse loving family!  Every member of our family Is actively involved with horses in some loving way.  

With our Tennessee Walker Annie and our off the track Standardbreds Ruff, Goose, Journey and Aria, we have tackled some of the most beautiful trail terrains in the eastern US.  Our 24-year-old high-spirited full Arabian Brimstone struts his gorgeous, graceful lines in the show area, local horse shows and 4H fairs. And last, but certainly not least our biggest, little buddy is the Horsegiftideas.com Brand Ambassador – LemonDrop.

LemonDrop is a 33 inch 4-year-old mini gelding.  LemonDrop has the sweetest personality and is always willing and eager to please.  LemonDrop gives great kisses when asked and a few nips when you turn your back.

LemonDrop thinks he is the “King of the Field” even when our 16+ hands Standardbred Goose looms over him.  LemonDrop loves to free range around our 52-acre property running with the dogs and usually ending up on the front porch begging for sweet treats!